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sloʕ’ʷq’ʔič q’iʔmin

Posted: June 6, 2013 in History
Slough-Keetcha Letter

This is a scanned copy of a letter written by Spokane Garry from the Red River school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This document confirms that Garry’s tribal name was Slough-Keetcha.

You can download the GarryLetter.

Three Salish words appear in Garry’s letter: Illemechum, Chungulloosun, u Slough-Keetcha. It seems clear that Illemechum refers to the Salish word for chief, ilmixʷm. Chungulloosun and Slough-Keetcha are personal names, but their meaning is unclear. One possible transcription of Garry’s Salish name is sloʕ’ʷq’ʔič.