Spokane 1B-06

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Spokane 1B – 06


Spokane 1B-05

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Click here for Lesson: Spokane 1B-05.

Day and Night Terms

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This list of words was originally printed in the Rawhide Press in May of 1984: Day and Night Terms.

Gib Eli Article

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This article was printed in the Rawhide Press in September of 1979 in Wellpinit, Washington. I am unaware who the author was. Read a reprint of the article here: Gib Eli – Rawhide Press – 1979.

Bad Fog

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The following is a post regarding a cultural concept presented by Martin Louie. Click here to read the story: Bad Fog.

Indian Names

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Twenty two people received Indian names from Pat Moses on August 31, 2014. A special name giving ceremony and give-away was held at the new wardance hall in Wellpinit, WA in honor of the recipients. 

The naming process caused us to become aware of several important facts:

  1. No one has kept a central list of Indian names of living tribal members.
  2. The lack of a common list may lead to duplicate names within the tribe. 
  3. If duplicates are found, families will have to decide if to change or modify names. 

In any case, here is the list of names given recently: indiannames

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“A Long Ago Legend”

Told by Sadie Boyd and retold by Pauline Flett.
Transcribed by Barry Moses.
For a .pdf version of this story, click: ALongAgoLegend

łuʔ tn q’sipiʔ łuʔ qe cułlt: hi kʷen’t u xʷrip łuʔ stulixʷ, pspast.
   From long ago, we were told: Suddenly the earth shook; it was amazing.

hi mtmutlš, mtmutlš, mtmutlš, tl’ šʔit u č’ ec’ew’t.
   It bubbled, and bubbled, and bubbled, from the first to the last.

šetmiʔst łiʔe sqelixʷ he caʔcaʔcaʔi, coʔcʔoti.
   The people ran in all directions. They all screamed loudly and wailed.

kʷen’t łx̣ʷłx̣ʷpuleʔxʷ łiʔe stulixʷ ye hec mq’ʷmoq’ʷ…
   Then the earth opened up, and the mountains…

kʷen’t še u hec nt’it’ipmi nexʷ xʷixʷey’uł u hes c’lc’il… hecya stem’.
   And there they all fell in, also the animals and the trees…  Everythying.

kʷen’t łiʔe hec st’rt’reʔi, hec uw’ečnti, hes t’ipeysi, hoy per’t łuʔ stulixʷ.
   Then it thundered, lightning flashed and it rained, and the land flooded.

ye č’ ec’ew’t, mis ttwit u mis šešutm čcnweʔxʷ u čnšic n čq’ʷulsmn.
   At the end, a young boy and girl met and helped one another to Mt. Spokane.

tl’ še u hec aʔacx̣. hoy we t’ʔul’
   From there they watched. Though things improved.

hec nsoʕ’ʷ łuʔ sewłkʷ. u wiʔičis  č’ išut u hec mʕʷop.
   The water drained away. And they looked below and saw a flowing river.

xʷuy u wiʔičis ye qʷamqʷmt st’ipmetkʷ. u łuʔ sƛ’x̣etkʷ.
   They went and saw a beautiful waterfall, and the rapids.

heh, eni! stem’ łišeʔ nt’yšetkʷ. smłič. snxʷmeneʔ.
   Oh! What is that crawling in the water? It was a salmon. It was a steelhead.

šey’ uł smłič u xʷliʔl. u kʷen’t tl’ še čsel uł sic…
   They lived from all those salmon. And from those two people there arose…

…łuʔ snxʷmeneʔi, łuʔ sntuʔtʔulixʷi, u łuʔ scqesciłni.
   …the Middle Spokane, the Upper Spokane, and the Lower Spokane.